Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy, technically known as “low-level laser therapy” – is a highly effective treatment option for a whole range of acute and chronic conditions, including:

The advantage of cold laser therapy over other forms of physical therapy or medication are many.  The first is that cold laser therapy is extremely safe and non-destructive.  Because there is no heat generated by the laser, there is virtually no risk of damaging the very tissues you are trying to heal.  This is especially important in acute injuries where the tissues are very inflamed and swollen.  Heat will only make the inflammation worse.  Since, cold laser therapy does not heat the tissues being treated as many other forms of therapy, such as ultrasound, it is much safer to use.

Second, unlike medications that travel throughout the body and frequently lead to side-effects, cold laser therapy is applied directly to the affected area.  This not only focuses and concentrates all the therapeutic power specifically to the affected area, but it also eliminates the risk of any side effects.

Third, cold laser light actually stimulates tissue regeneration at the cellular level.  Where other forms of therapy simply decrease pain or inflammation, cold laser therapy works at the cellular level to stimulate the mitochondria within the cells to produce ATP – the fuel for the cell.  Increased levels of ATP allow the cells to work quicker to repair damaged tissues, resulting in much quicker healing times.

Fourth, the affect of cold laser are often immediately observed by the patient.  In other words, immediate reduction of pain or immediate improvement in function (walking, sitting, bending, etc.). The Olympic athletes that I’ve treated with this technology cannot believe how quick and effective this technology is at removing pain.  An injury that has plagued them for months or years is being improved in minutes with my treatment and the Cold Laser when nothing else has helped. That’s exciting for me, and them, and their coaches.

It is interesting to note those people that use this technology.  Here are a few people you may know:

Isn’t it interesting how the elite athletes are privy to the most advanced and state of the art medical technology?  Isn’t it interesting that so few doctors make this incredible technology available to their patients? We believe that if it is good enough for the best athlete, then it’s good enough for every patient.

The cold laser we use on our patient is the same one used on the above athletes.  Go to the manufacturer’s web site to learn more about this amazing technology: