June 2011 Newsletter

Popular Obesity Surgery Worse Than They Thought Study believed to be the first to track long-term effects of laparoscopic gastric band surgery finds problems   Also in this issue: Study: This fat may prevent postpartum depression Another warning about acetaminophen (Tylenol) Why a well-known doctor wrote, “Parents deluded about how they really raise their kids.” What’s […]

May 2011 Newsletter

In this newsletter: Is Cutting Your Risk Of These 4 Deadly Diseases IN HALF Really This Easy? New research shows a simple way you may be able to decrease your risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, multiple sclerosis and Type 1 diabetes by a whopping 50%! Also in this issue: What you must know if […]

Why Chiropractic is a Right Choice for Car Accident Injuries – 3 Things You Need to Know

Locally it has been raining quite a bit.  Just yesterday on my drive I saw over six accidents – 4 of which were major accidents.  Major meaning flipped cars, multiple cars involved, and/or a four lane freeway reduced to 2 lanes.  Needless that say, traffic was terrible, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.  It […]

Scoliosis and Chiropractic

As a Chiropractor, I’m often asked how scoliosis can affect a person’s health and well-being.  I also am often the first person to inform a patient that they have scoliosis.  That happened today in my Rancho Cucamonga office.  And more often than not, grown adults are completely unaware that they in fact have scoliosis.  So […]

Hospitals Are Bad for the Back – Part 2

Last time I spoke about how hospitals are bad for the nursing staff’s back. Today I’m going to share with your who are about to be a hospital patient. May be you are scheduled to have a surgery in a month or two, perhaps you will be having a routine procedure, maybe you just want […]

Hospitals Are Bad for the Back – Part 1

Nurses Love Chiropractors! I dedicate this blog to my dear wife.  In my 10 plus years as a chiropractor I have had the privilege of being the chiropractor for many hospital staff for people in the Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario, Fontana areas.  I have also been the chiropractor for many patients after their hospital stay. […]

Fibromyalgia – Resources

If you have fibromyalgia chances are that you are hungry for information.  If you are like all of the patients I’ve treated who sufferer from fibromyalgia, you too will appreciate a few sources of information that I’ve have found helpful. #1 – Fibromyalgia Network This site offers a newsletter that I have subscribed to for […]

Fibromyalgia – Pain All Over And Exhausted For No Reason

One condition that is frustrating for not only patients but doctors too, is fibromyalgia. I heard the stories of men and women, who at one time were incredibly productive members of society whither into “I can barely get by” survivors unable to produce half of what they did before. I remember when sufferers had not […]

“Medical Doctors Don’t Like Chiropractors” – TRUE or FALSE

When I sit down and consult with patient in my Rancho Cucamonga or Pasadena office the question commonly comes up “Don’t Medical Doctors not like chiropractors?” I laugh because its still a very common thought that people hold in their mind.  So much so that I’d like to address it here. But first, here’s a […]

“Once You Start Going To A Chiropractor, You Have To Keep Going The Rest Of Your Life” – True or False?

This is a funny statement.  People think chiropractic is like a drug… that you get dependant on it like a drug.  Lets talk about this myth. This is a statement that I frequently hear when the topic of chiropractic care comes up in conversation.  This statement is only partly true.  You only have to continue […]