Reflexology,”means the stimulation of areas beneath the skin to improve the function of the whole body or of specific body areas away from the site of the stimulation” (Mosby’s Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage, p.466). The theory of reflexology is that there are areas in the hands and feet that correlate with the major organs of […]

Massage Therapist Reports on 2011 Health Freedom Expo

The weekend of March 25-27th 2011 brought the bustling sights and sounds of the Health Freedom Expo to the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach California. I had the pleasure of attending this exciting event for the first time this year. For three exciting and information packed days I attended lectures from some of […]

Effects of Massage Therapy You May Not Know About

This is the first article of many to be posted on our site that discuss Massage.  Massage done right, at the right time, with the right guidance, is extremely healing – this is why you need to know more about it.  Read on… In the minds of most people massage therapy is primarily a service […]