Trigger Points and Pain

Trigger points are persistent, localized muscle spasms that can cause a great deal of pain.1,2,3 Trigger points alone may be responsible for many cases of neck pain, upper back pain, and lower back pain. This relationship is fairly common knowledge among physicians who treat pain, including chiropractors, rheumatologists, and physiatrists (doctors of physical medicine). What […]

Effects Of Massage Therapy On Connective Tissue!

Connective tissue is the material between the cells of the body that gives tissues form and strength. This “cellular glue” is also involved in delivering nutrients to the tissue, and in the special functioning of certain tissues…Cartilage, blood and bone are specialized forms of connective tissue” ( This type of tissue is the structural component […]

How to Beat Depression With Massage

Many people suffer from the repercussions of depression and stress these days. The onset of these mental states is most widely connected to the over or under production of chemicals that exist naturally in the body. These chemicals are called neuroendocrine substances and they include dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and cortisol. When talking about ways to […]

Massage and Your Energy System

The human body is a mass of energy! Examples of this can be seen throughout the body. For instance the nervous system is an energy system in the body; its operations are studied by measuring electrical fields generated during the transmission of nerve impulse. Pulses of electrical and magnetic energy begin in the brain before […]

Massage and Your Autonomic Nervous

The effects that massage has on the ANS are primarily reflexive. The ANS is known for it’s regulation of the sympathetic “fight-or-flight” and the parasympathetic “relaxation and restorative” response. When the sympathetic system is activated it puts your body in a state of stress and tension and if this system is activated often enough your […]

Massage Benefits – Circulation

Most of the people in this world love massage simply because it feels so good.  After an hour massage, patients and clients walk away feeling like stress has been erased from their minds and a muscles loosened and relaxed.  These are great benefits of massage, BUT massage has other benefits too. The benefit I’d like […]