Trigger Points and Pain

Trigger points are persistent, localized muscle spasms that can cause a great deal of pain.1,2,3 Trigger points alone may be responsible for many cases of neck pain, upper back pain, and lower back pain. This relationship is fairly common knowledge among physicians who treat pain, including chiropractors, rheumatologists, and physiatrists (doctors of physical medicine). What […]

April 2011 Newsletter

Hello everyone, This month’s newsletter discusses the following topics: “How 55-80 Year Olds  – Increased The Size Of Their Brains!” Scientific Study Shows How You Can Stay Mentally Sharp As You Age Study finds childhood obesity linked to health habits – not genes New research shows trans fat intake linked to depression Study shows children […]

Why Ice Is Your Friend… Icing: How & Why

It still amazes me how many patients come into the office after seeing their medical doctors that are still using heat on their new pains. Does this sound familiar? You throw your neck/back out and you take some over-the-counter (OTC) NSAIDs like Advil and put a heating pad on your acutely painful area. Why do […]

Often Missed First Step In Back Rehabilitation

Back rehabilitation is absolutely critical for anyone hoping to FULLY recover from significant back problems such as herniated disc or traumatic injuries (ie work or auto or sport) Having said that, all too often back rehabilitation fails to be prescribed by doctors/chiropractors or the importance fails to be communicated to the recovering patient and therefore […]