Often Missed First Step In Back Rehabilitation

By · Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Back rehabilitation is absolutely critical for anyone hoping to FULLY recover from significant back problems such as herniated disc or traumatic injuries (ie work or auto or sport)

Having said that, all too often back rehabilitation fails to be prescribed by doctors/chiropractors or the importance fails to be communicated to the recovering patient and therefore is not performed.

Failure to rehabilitate a back or neck injury massively increases the chance of the problem reoccurring and also developing in to a chronic nightmare.

So if you’ve got a recovering back, make sure your doctor gets you started on a very active rehab program.  If an MD is managing your case, chances are you wont get proper guidance unless you have a fantastic Physical Therapist.  Remember a key word is ACTIVE rehab – your physical therapist will know what I’m talking about.

Even when you do get rehab often is the case that a first step is missed as it relates to low back rehab.

There is a very simple first step that when done produces massive improvement when compared to when not performed.

This simple exercise is called “abdominal hallowing”.  It is a process of activating your core muscle to the point that it engages the very small endurance muscles that protect your spine.

Here’s a video I created to for my patient.  I know it will be very helpful for you.

Abdominal Hallowing from Troy Don

on Vimeo.

So basically you suck your stomach in and up as much as you are able.  Remember, you don’t hold your breath.  Its so simple, you just need to remember to do it.

Also, this exercise is also something to perform even while you suffer with your back pain as it helps to protect your back as you move and change positions (getting up from a seated position, getting in and out of your car, etc).


Dr. Troy Don, DC QME


Dear Dr. Don,
thank you for the information. I’m sad to say that I never had any rehabilitation! That may be why i continue to suffer with back problems. I look forward to seeing more exercises from you.
thanks again!


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