Massage Benefits – Circulation

By · Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Most of the people in this world love massage simply because it feels so good.  After an hour massage, patients and clients walk away feeling like stress has been erased from their minds and a muscles loosened and relaxed.  These are great benefits of massage, BUT massage has other benefits too.

The benefit I’d like to share today is Circulation.

Poor circulation is defined as limited blood flow throughout the body, particularly in areas such as the hands, legs, and feet. If poor circulation is left untreated, it can result in a host of chronic conditions, ranging anywhere from varicose veins to kidney damage to a stroke. Some general causes of poor circulation are obesity, lack of exercise, poor food choices, and high blood pressure (

An increase in blood and lymph circulation is the most widely recognized physiologic effects of massage therapy. Massage therapist are health care practitioners who are equipped to work with the delicate rhythmic balance of blood and lymph in the body. When properly trained massage therapist are competent professionals that are educated to understand the workings of these two very important systems of the body.

The importance of having unhindered blood circulation has already been discussed, but why is lymph circulation important? Lymph is a fluid that “…distributes immune cells and other factors throughout the body. It also interacts with the blood circulatory system to drain fluid from cells and tissues. The lymphatic system contains immune cells called lymphocytes, which protect the body against antigens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) that invade the body.” ( Massage therapy is an excellent way to help give these vital circulatory systems what they need in order to work at their most efficient level.

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