Hip and Groin Pain – Is It Your Pelvis?

By · Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

The other day I had a patient walk into my Rancho Cucamonga office… hobbling more than walking to be completely frank.

I was on my way out of the office and he asked if he could speak to me.  He went on to tell me of his last 3 days of excruciating pain.  He went to the ER and they took x-rays and even a CT scan and they could not find out why he was in such terrible pain.  The ER then scheduled an appointment for him to see the surgeon.

“So they have you scheduled to see a surgeon, but they don’t know what is the problem?  That seems a bit odd to me,” I told him.  “Well, tell me what you are feeling.”

My patient went on to tell me of the pain in the front of his hip area then traveling down into his groin.  He reported his pain was a 8 out of 10.  It caused him to be bed ridden for the past 2 days.  He has been using a heating pad for the past 2 days as recommended to him by ER – which supports my thought that ER is terrible at handing this type of thing.  On examination you could see how his gate (walking) was affected.  He had swelling and tenderness in the back especially near his pelvis joint.

After my examination I told him exactly what was wrong – his pelvis was twisted which pulled on ligaments and causing his chief complaint.  This is also why it wasn’t found at ER, or by x-ray and CT scan.  You have to understand, when ER looks at x-rays or CT scans, they look for things that a severe health issues – tumors, infections, fractures.  They don’t look at biomechanics of the spine and pelvis, they are not trained to.

So I gently treated him, and instantly his pain went from a 8 out of 10 to a 1 out of 10!  I told him to ice his back to get the swelling to go down and that I’ll follow up with him in 2 days.

He was shocked and happy that he had so much relief so quickly.  He was frustrated that he suffered for so long.  He was irritated that the ER provided no help, but in fact had him use a heating pad which made his inflammation worse.

I wonder how much it cost to have him seen in ER for this sort of thing.  No wonder the US has such high health expenses.  It would probably go massively down with they employed chiropractors.

So, If you have intense hip and groin pain and no other doctor can figure it out, get into a chiropractor as they may be able to make your life much better in short time.

Dr. Troy Don, DC QME


Dr. Don,
This was a very interesting article. It is especially interesting to me because at time I get that sharp pain in my hip and groin area. Maybe I have a pelvis problem like the patient you talked about. How would I know?
Thank you,

I wonder why Medical Doctors dont know about this kind of thing? Maybe its just easier to give pain killers. Thanks for the info.

people need to understand the difference between a Medical Doctor and a Nerve Doctor and chiropractors are just that. If you want to keep your body running just like your car, then see a Nerve Doctor and get a tune up.


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