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By · Friday, December 10th, 2010

If you have fibromyalgia chances are that you are hungry for information.  If you are like all of the patients I’ve treated who sufferer from fibromyalgia, you too will appreciate a few sources of information that I’ve have found helpful.

#1 – Fibromyalgia Network
This site offers a newsletter that I have subscribed to for many years.  I think I started in 2003.  Great information.  You can pay for their quarterly newsletters. And you can also receive free article.  Here is their link This has been the best single source.

#2 – WebMD
If you know whats on this site, you’ll know what your Medical Doctors know.  In other words, if you want to understand what Medical Doctors understand or realize about fibromyalgia then use this link .  Having said that, you’ll realize that the volume of info hear compared to source #1 listed are quite different.  Also realize that not all… in fact, few medical doctors will even read the research or article found on webmd.  So for sure you’ll be better versed on fibro than they will.

#3 – various online forums
While I don’t have a specific website, I’d encourage you to search for “fibromyalgia forums”.  Here you can dialogue with other fibromyalgia sufferers about various topics.  You can read discussions.  If you don’t want to go to a support group, these forums offer a nice option.  Be warned… not all forums are the same and you need to feel them out for yourself.

#4 – warning
This last comment is a warning about websites out there.  Many of the fibromyalgia “information” websites out there are more about selling a product to cure you of a condition.  Be careful of these site.  Remember their motive it to sell you the product.

That’s it for now. Remember if you have not explored chiropractic to help with your fibro, you really owe it to yourself to do so.

Here’s a little experience you should read…

“ I first became a patient in March of 2003.  My feeling to Dr. Don and Dr. Porterfield’s Chiropractic practice is that they are friendly, caring, genuinely concerned for the patient’s well-being, and a place for healing that has worked better than prescribed drugs.

Overall, my fibromyalgia has improved greatly and after 1½ months of treatment, my overall health has improved also as a result. My shoulder no longer hurts and I can move my arm freely, I sleep better at night because I am not in pain.”  Sharon Lundquist, Rancho Cucamonga

Dr. Troy Don, DC QME


Do you also have a website called If you do, wow! You produce a great deal of good information! Thank you!


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