Fibromyalgia – Pain All Over And Exhausted For No Reason

By · Friday, December 3rd, 2010

One condition that is frustrating for not only patients but doctors too, is fibromyalgia.

I heard the stories of men and women, who at one time were incredibly productive members of society whither into “I can barely get by” survivors unable to produce half of what they did before.

I remember when sufferers had not heard of fibromyalgia before, but when they hear a lecture I presented to them about fibromyalgia the begin to cry because it is as if they FINALLY realized that they were not going crazy but others too know and understood their pain.

I remember when medical doctors would tell fibromyalgia sufferers that it was “all in their head” (even more than they do now).  I remember when patients would know more about fibromyalgia than their own doctor of 10 years.

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition.  Many people are still improperly diagnosed.  The medical profession still does not completely understand fibromyalgia but we agree that basically the neurologic system goes haywire and there causes all of these mixed symptoms.

If you are a sufferer of fibromyalgia, the point of me writing this short little blog is to offer you hope!  You maybe like many of the fibromyalgia patients that we have helped.  Chiropractic has been powerful in helping people get their lives back.

If you have not tried chiropractic, you owe it to yourself to seek chiropractic care from a doctor that has had success with fibromyalgia.

Here’s a story to offer you some hope… if you are in my neck of the woods and you would like to see if I might be able to help you, just contact my office.

“For the past 4 years I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia.  For a long time I didn’t know what was wrong with me.  All I knew was that something was very wrong and to get the doctors to help me was difficult.  After many, many medical tests (all were negative) and so many different medications, they finally told me it was Fibromyalgia.

The medications would work for a while, but then I would build up a resistance to them and have to be taken off.  I went from 130 pounds WAY up to 194 pounds.  This, of course, did not help me physically or mentally.  I became very depressed and, along with the physical pain and chronic fatigue, I all but gave up.  I had lost my job, which I enjoyed and had been doing for almost 30 years.  Even after 4 years I still find it hard to deal with.

When I happened to see an ad in the newspaper from Dr. Don’s office I thought “why not.”  When you have chronic pain and fatigue 24/7 you NEVER want to pass up something that could help you!  What impressed me was the knowledge that these 2 doctors have about fibromyalgia, and I’m sure many other conditions as well.  They don’t just “pop” your back and send you on your way.  They deal with your individual condition and don’t “fix what’s not broke.”  I had been to chiropractors in the past, so I was skeptical, but I thought “why not.” Can’t lose.

I have been seeing Dr. Don for about 3 months now and my migraine headaches are SO much better!  I used to have at least 1 per week.  The chronic nausea I had is all but gone!  I find that with exercise (for the fatigue) and keeping my appointments, I am feeling (for me) 100% better!  I am so very thankful that the Lord made sure that I saw that ad in the paper that day or I honestly feel that I would still be all but bedridden.

I tell ANYONE who will listen to give these Doctors a chance!  You sure have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Thank you so much for your care and concern.  It sure makes a difference to me.

Linda Moreland, Rancho Cucamonga

Dr. Troy Don, DC QME


If there is one thing i dislike is a doctor that cannot tell you what is wrong when you know there is somthing wrong, but yet he wants to give you a prescription for your unknown condition. Thank you for all your knowledge.


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