Chiropractic is Not Just a Luxury

By · Friday, October 29th, 2010

I had a patient come into our Rancho Cucamonga, California office talking about how much Chiropractic has helped her and her family over the years with different ailments.  She said how grateful she was to have had great experiences with a number of different chiropractors in each of the places she and her family had lived.  Her husband, being a career Army man, had been required to move several times in their 17 years of marriage.  They had the pleasure of making great friends and relationships with the chiropractor’s with each move.

Now living in Upland, CA and her husband commuting to a local base, she and her teenage boys come in for their adjustments (dad typically comes in on his own).  She told me that many of her friends and even family ask why she continues to take the family to the chiropractor even when they’re not in pain. She also mentioned that her financial planner said they need to watch their expenses and cut out some of the luxuries like going to dinner multiple times a week, club/gym memberships and chiropractic care.  My patient told me that “Chiropractic Care is no luxury, it’s a way of life.  It’s the only natural way to help curb the stress caused by lifestyle stressors.  She says, “The best secret my family has used to stay healthy and have a more speedy recovery when ill.

More and more information is available to link the function of a properly working nervous system and a better working immune system.  As I say to my patients; you know you have stress if:

  1. You’re are married.
  2. You have kids.
  3. You have a job!

Any of these alone will increase stress, multiples will guarantee it.  Chiropractic will lower your physical stress even in the absence of pain or symptoms.  I agree with that said that Chiropractic is not a luxury.

Dr Ian Porterfield- Advanced Health Source


Dr. Porterfield,
I can see from your and Dr. Don’s articles that you are both well informed Chiropractors. I even though you are 45 minutes away from me, I think I need to schedule an appointment with your office. The article you wrote, makes sense for me. You see I work a job that requires me to be fit for work. In other words, if my hip really hurts, then I cant work. I can work, I dont get paid.

How much should I expect to pay at a chiropractic office to keep me working?



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