Chiropractic is Core to Serious Athletes

By · Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Today I’d like to start a series in that I speak to and about athletes and the role their Chiropractor plays.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is a VITAL role in your performance.  If you are not utilizing a chiropractor as a part of your team, I’m going to go as far as to say that you are NOT a serious competitor.  If what I said was a slap to your face… if my statement irritated you… if you got pissed off, then YOU must read this article.

Let’s start with the basics – Chiropractic and the body.

Lets face it, as an athlete, you are all focused on improving performance.  You base that performance on how happy your muscles are.  You know that your muscles move your bones.  Your power is directly proportional to you muscles.  Weak muscles, low power.

You also know that nutrition is critical to your performance.  You need quality fuel for your muscles to fire AND to repair.  Deprive your body of the right building blocks and your muscles and tissues will not heal properly! This will lead to greater risk of injury.

Did you know that you could have absolutely no problem with your muscle… perfect nutrition… and yet I could massively weaken your muscle such that they would atrophy (AKA shrivel and die) in weeks!

How would I do that?  Simple.  Turn off the light switch.  Cut the power.

Let me explain.

Your entire body is run and regulated by your Nervous System.   It controls everything in your body!  Everything!  Including your muscles.  Including your reaction speed.  Including your healing rate.  Including your balance. Those are all topics for later, but know this… your brain and spinal cord the spinal nerves are the master control center.

So how do I turn off your muscles… or perhaps turn down the intensity?  I affect your nerves.

Your spinal bones (vertebra) can sometimes misalign or not move right (that’s called a Subluxation).  That can cause irritation to your nervous system.  That will decrease that nerve impulse.  That can lower your power.

And the scary thing is, athletes beat the heck out of themselves all the time and so are at greater risk of having something “out of place”.  So you may have these already and not even know it!

You want a Chiropractor to evaluate you for these subluxations and the get rid of them.

Ok, that’s it for now… stay tuned for more reasons why SERIOUS, elite, professional athletes make Chiropractic core to their career.


Troy Don, DC QME


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