No Movement and Your Back Pain

After 6 months of seminars and travel I feel I am now able to get back to blogging. I’m excited to share with you some thought and ideas that I’ve had over the months… and I think you’ll find these interesting as well. Today I’d like to share with you some interesting findings in some […]

Back Exercises

If you have chronic back pain, chances are that your doctor has told you that you need to exercise your back and/or your “core”.  I hear this often.  I also hear that while doctors say this, they don’t ever really show you how to do it, and simply give you an exercise sheet.  Unfortunately, I’ve […]

Often Missed First Step In Back Rehabilitation

Back rehabilitation is absolutely critical for anyone hoping to FULLY recover from significant back problems such as herniated disc or traumatic injuries (ie work or auto or sport) Having said that, all too often back rehabilitation fails to be prescribed by doctors/chiropractors or the importance fails to be communicated to the recovering patient and therefore […]