About the Office

For their work with various cases and outstanding service to their patients the Doctors have been featured in:

The office continue to provide valuable free information at workshops to deal with issues of Neck and Low Back Pains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other conditions as well as provide literature to the public through free reports and service announcements to insure patient are getting the care they deserve.

The office has been helping people with whiplash, arm/wrist/hand pain, neck, mid-back and low-back pain, leg pain, sciatica, herniated discs, chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia syndrome, scoliosis, childhood injuries, work injuries, automobile accident injuries, knee problems and shoulder problems, and the list goes on.

Insurance Specialist are on staff to answer any insurance related questions and process your insurance.  Our insurance specialist is a black belt in health insurance, auto accident insurance, and workers’ compensation issues.

Convenient Hours – we have convenient hours that fit the most difficult of schedules.

Convenient Locations – the Rancho Cucamonga office is very conveniently located between the 210, 10 and 15 freeways.  The Pasadena office is located right off the 210 freeway in Pasadena.  We have people driving from great distances such as Oxanrd, Perris, Colton, Wrightwood, Chino Hills, just to name a few.

It is quite common for patients to drive over 60 minutes to seek treatment from the doctors.

Advanced Health Source Testimonials from Troy Don on Vimeo.